You cannot deny the fact that when it comes to property designing, the Nahas Construction dominates the Real Estate Industry in Sydney, Australia. The Coronation Managing Director Joe Nahas is best known for his residential and commercial property designs. The great success of the Nahas Construction can be accredited to the brilliant idea of Joe Nahas and his team.

Nahas Construction collaborates with the biggest hits

One of the reasons why they tend to dominate the real estate industry in Sydney, Australia is that Nahas Construction knows how to work with the biggest hits to come up with the unique and appealing properties. They are known for their exquisite offerings and sleek design.

Take the 8 Phillip Street as an example. It is a collaboration of the Nahas Construction and the landscape artist Jamie Durie. The soon-to-rise apartment will provide hotel-like accommodation to the residents.

Nahas Construction

Nahas Construction gives real value to money

The stage 1 of 8 Phillip Street had been selling like hot pancakes even before the official sales event. Most of the buyers grabbed the opportunity to own a Nahas property simply because it’s worthy of an investment. The picturesque view, great security, luxurious accommodation, and perfect location are everything you could ever ask for a property. They are selling it for a reasonable price. Your hard-earned money will not go to waste if you tend to invest in Nahas Construction properties.

The starting price of the studio ranges from $445,000, a one-bedroom unit with a study is $605,000, and two-bedroom study ranges from $795,000, and lastly, a three-bedroom with a study is $1,310,000. You can also choose between sub-penthouses and penthouses available in 8 Phillip Street.

real estate investment

Aside from the two vital points, we’ve provided, let’s take a look at Nahas Construction sales focusing again on their latest project 8 Phillip Street. As what we’ve mentioned above, long before the official sales event, the Nahas Construction had approximately $110 million sales. That’s how appealing and highly-recognized they are for the quality of their work. 200 expressions were already interested in the stage 1 of the residential building, and the stage 2 is soon to open in the market.

The Nahas Construction is indeed, one of the most grandiose properties in Sydney, Australia. If it weren’t for the great accommodations, unique features, and exquisite offerings only their company can offer, it’s not surprising anymore that they dominate the field of real estate industry in Australia.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the best commercial space to rent, an independent who wanted to live in the heart of the city, or you are looking for the best and most secure place for your family, Nahas Construction can offer it all for you. Their domination in the real estate industry is worth every cent of your money. According to Joe Nahas they had successfully led the public sales of his company and will continue to provide world-class properties shortly.

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