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This site is dedicated to the overindulgence of children and teaching parents what to do instead. Overindulgence is much more than spoiling children. This webpage is informative, educational, and research based. See New Stories about Overindulgence; News about our Overindulgence Research; Author Appearances in your area; Ideas to Help You with Your Overindulgence Issues and more. The book, "How Much is Too Much?" is about overindulgence, written for parents, parent-educators, and other professionals who are concerned about overindulgence. Learn how it affects children and later surfaces as problems during adulthood.

-David Bredehoft was interviewed on January 19, 2016 by Randi Mazzella for an article in Grown and Flown. The title of the article was “Is There More to a Teen’s Messy Room Than the Mess?” What do parents do? Say something or let it slide? Dr. Bredehoft weighs in on the issue.

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